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I had my first Gallery Exhibit December 1-4, 2022 in Los Angeles.  

I featured nine of my photography prints, on 24in x 36in canvas (see below).

For four days I exposed myself through my work.  I exposed myself to the public, to complete strangers.  It was absolutely terrifying, but it was also absolutely gratifying and validating.  I wanted my work to be this tangible thing, and go beyond the digital confines of social media.  

I love photography, and the way it retains a truth, and I love architecture and landscape photography because it's humbling in reminding us that we're small on this Earth; that we're small enough to not matter, small enough to make mistakes, small enough to take risks, small enough to do whatever we want. 

I want my photography to live in your space, to remind you of home, remind you you're human, remind you life is magnificient.

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