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My name is Assia Lau'ren (b. 1992, United States) and I express myself through different mediums.

I was born in Maryland, raised in Virginia, and educated in DC, so  I'm a DMV baby through-and-through.

After college with ROTC, I commissioned into the US Army.  

I served for six years on Active Duty, from 2014 to 2020.

Then, just like that, I got out, and moved to Los Angeles to start acting.

I made it to LA just in time for the COVID-19 lockdown - great timing ;)

Vulnerable to the realities of transitioning while in quarantine, I opened myself up to my creativities.

Artists because I act, I write, I photograph, and I breathe.

Assia because that's what the people I love call me.

This site is to share some of myself through my art.

 FILMS  details + behind-the-scenes footage of each project

 POETRY  books + live shows

 PHOTOGRAPHY   zines + books + gallery work

 SHOP  poetry books + photography collections

 SEASONAL NEWSLETTER 4x emails per year to ground and align us with the season  +  any art announcements

Thank you for coming to my site, I hope you stay and hangout for a while.

I turn 32 in April so everything is 32% off for the whole month :)

A S S I A   L A U ' R E N

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