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#12 Spring Equinox:  Your New Beginnings

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Happy Spring Equinox!

During your Winter I hope you got rest, practiced stillness, and incorporated reflection. In my last article I left off on self-acceptance, maybe take some time to ask yourself:

  • Was I able to practice self-acceptance?

  • If so, what practices worked for me?

  • Were you met with external challenge and internal praise during your practice?

  • If you couldn’t practice self-acceptance, is there a reason? And can you try to practice this season?

Staying with the topic of self as we go into Spring, let’s dive into new beginnings, planting seeds, and setting intentions. Spring is all about birth and awakening. Coming out of a still Winter, the Earth is waking up - how are you waking up? How are you sleeping? What are you starting? What are you planting?

Spring prepares us for the burst of Summer energy that leads to the Fall harvest, that further prepare us for our Winter hibernation. Spring starts us off, so this season is extremely important. This also aligns with Aries season – so happy first of the zodiac season to THE best sign. I am an Aries, for those who didn’t know 🔥

Over the winter we identified our toxic ways, our self-abuse traits, and hopefully through that identification came to self-acceptance. So, what can we do next on our self-journey? If Spring is about rebirth and beginnings, maybe our next step on the self-journey train is taking everything we gathered through practicing self-acceptance and using our newfound confidence to set intentions. Through self-acceptance we find ourselves able to see clearly who we are, where we are, and ultimately what we want - without judgement or doubt. So what do you want? Maybe take this time to answer this question. It’s a broad question and should be answered honestly, whether about your relationships, your career, your health, your routine, anything that comes to mind is valid so don’t hold back!

For example, some things I want for myself are:

  • More time spent with my dog, specifically, more time exploring and playing, that could be hiking trails or just walking around new neighborhoods.

  • More focused energy on my own career goals, being less generous to others and dedicating more time to myself and my ideas.

  • Maintain my and my dog’s health and fitness.

  • More writing, more acting, and more book sales.

It’s the season to plant your ideas, goals, and intentions, Summer will be a big season for executing these ideas, goals, and intentions!

Think of new beginnings are like new pregnancies. The first three months is of a pregnancy are very delicate and fragile. Women usually don’t announce their pregnancy until their out of the first trimester. The baby and mommy grow silently, without the pressures of the world weighing down on them, without the external concerns questioning whether they’ll make it, without the forces of doubt baby and mommy move silently. Treat your seed-planting like this. Your new ideas and goals and intentions are fragile and they’re just YOURS so maybe keep them close to the chest until they’re ready to be shared.

I’m not suggesting keeping things a secret and not seeking help or guidance from trusted resources. Nowadays a lot of us rush to social media to share everything immediately, seeking validation or applause or some other form of instant gratification. Resist this urge. Let your babies marinate. Maybe it won’t take three months maybe it’ll take three years, don’t worry about how long these seedlings take to grow, just give them the consistency, and care they need.

Thank you for reading this article, and hopefully some of it is applicable in your self-journey. Share this with your people if you found it helpful, they probably will too.

Take care of yourself.

All Love,


The Los Angeles River is the birthplace of our region and was once the thriving, unifying water source for the people and wildlife of Los Angeles. But that connection and our collective history was severed when the River was encased in concrete and fenced in 1938. In an act of civil disobedience, poet activist Lewis MacAdams took the first steps to repair that severed connection in 1986 when he cut a hole in the chain link fence that obstructed Angelenos from their rightful River. He declared the River open to the people and swore to serve as its voice. And so, Friends of the Los Angeles River (FoLAR) and the River Movement were born.

My second poetry book is available!

I wrote this book for those of us battling our own boundaries.

It can be used for journaling because each poem comes with a blank page for you to write or draw your own expression.
I hope to encourage self-thought and self-discovery.

Thank you for reading this issue of SCIRE.

"Scire" is the latin verb that means to know.

Please share this article with your people especially if you think it will resonate.

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