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I believe we can all learn from each other. I also believe we could all slow the fuck down.


We're so quick to like, share, repost, screenshot, and leave empty comments. I'd already written these prose over the course of 2021, but I wasn't letting them marinate in my soul. I hadn't really explored them. I was just typing them in the notes app on my phone, posting them to Instagram and hoping people would feel it. On Thursday, November 18th, 2021, while hiking in Reseda, it dawned on me to slow down. I'm a work-in-progress like everyone else. I want to hone my creative energy by really feeling it, by sitting in it, drowning in it, letting it rest in me and on me. And by "creative energy" I mean human-ness.


So, I wrote this book to give us all a little more time. A little more time to reflect. A little more time to feel. A little more time to be human. For every prose there is a blank page for you to write. Write how you feel about the prose I've written. Write what comes to mind, what hurts, what tickles. Write whatever you like.


Book, 103 Pages



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