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DTLA 2020



We are all artists, and as artists, whatever we choose to create is usually for ourselves. So, though these photos were taken for me, I'm choosing to share them with you, and maybe they'll become a talking point for your home, or inspiration for your office.


I lived in Dowtown Los Angeles in 2020 and my camera and my dog saved me from the confinement of my studio apartment. During the early days of the COVID-19 Quarantine-Lockdown and the BLM Movement, life felt heavy and scary, so I had to find peace somewhere other than my bottles of wine. The streets is where I roamed to escape my thoughts. To marvel and to cry at what mankind is capable of.


This book of photography is for anyone who needs to get lost in something other than their own minds or social media. My love letter to Downtown Los Angeles aka DTLA.


Photography Book

Hardcover, 111 pages



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